Precious stones can last for many generations- after all, the quote says that diamonds are forever- as long as they get proper care. There are three parameters that influence the durability of the stone, and thus direct the care methods:
• How easily is it cut by another stone
• How easily does it break
• How it reacts to chemicals.

Diamonds are particularly durable. Only a diamond can scribe a diamond, and they resist to literally any acid chemical might touch them. A diamond breaks only when crushed where the connections of the atoms are loose, due to some distortion. Still, it is really difficult to break a diamond.

Consequently, diamonds can be cleaned with a cloth and any detergent specifically for jewelry care, or plain dish washing soap. There are other methods too, using ultrasound or steam, but it is safer to be performed by an experienced professional, like our stores’ teams.

When it comes to Fancy Colour Diamonds, the way we handle them is totally different, as changes in temperature can create inclusions or worsen the existing ones.

It is recommended to clean them with lukewarm water and soap.

Both gems, sapphires and rubies, are classified under the same category, therefore their behavior is quite similar. They are very durable, which makes them ideal for everyday jewels. The sun, the heat, the water and other everyday encounters does not affect their shine and color, so it is easy and simple to take care of them. Some lukewarm water with soap is what will keep the gem stunning, as it was when you first had it.

In some cases, more usual to rubies than sapphires, that pieces of glass have been inserted to the gem, in order to disguise blemishes. These stones need milder treatment, as any kind of chemical or acid might affect the color of the added glass and ultimately change the brightness and beauty of the jewel.

Ask the experienced gemologists- like Venetia and Stella Vildiridis- to guide you through the appropriate care process that your gems deserve to have.

Emeralds are more delicate than sapphires and rubies, yet, when treated properly, they last for generations.

As the 99% of sapphires are infused with extra materials to cover imperfections, heat, light and chemical might trigger a reaction that will impact the overall appearance of the jewel.

Having said that, cleansing with steam or infrared is quite risky and it is better to avoid. Again, the safest method is the simplest: just use lukewarm water and soap.

When compared with other precious stones, pearls are the most delicate, so they need extra care. Time, dehydration or painful initial processing result to augmented fragility that calls for extra attention, from the moment we buy them until forever.

Exposure to heat can discolour or dehydrate the pearl, so make sure you keep then in a suitable environment, like a safe together with a small pot of water.

Additionally, chemicals and acids, like hairspray, perfumes, cosmetics etc, are destructive for pearls. After all, there is a saying that “Pearls are the last thing a woman wears before leaving home, and the first one to remove when coming back”.

Cleansing with ultrasound or steam is not appropriate for pearls. Again, lukewarm water and soap remain the best choice.

In case your pearls are bond together, make sure that it is completely dry before putting them on.