Diamonds Color Stones Pearls

Pearls constitute the classic choice for a woman as it adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to their appearance. Today, in the market, we find only cultured either sea or freshwater pearls. More specifically, pearls are classified in 4 different categories depending on the oyster they have been harvested from: the Akoya pearls, the South Sea Pearls, Tahiti and freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls constitute the less costly choice; they usually come from China but are of medium size (2 – 13 mm). South Sea pearls are bigger (8 – 18 mm) and are cultivated mostly in Australia. Tahiti pearls are grayish in color and relatively big in size (7 – 18 mm). We must note here that bigger sizes are extremely rare as most shells produce pearls smaller than 10 mm. Akoya pearls are white seawater pearls in much smaller sizes (2 – 10 mm) and are cultivated in Japan.
While appraising pearls, gemologists take into consideration seven factors: size, shape, color, hue, surface (smoothness), shine / luster and finally uniformity / symmetry in cases of having more than one pearls set together in a piece of jewelry.