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At the beginning of last century Apostolos Vildiridis and his wife Anna arrive at Thessaloniki from Chicago, USA. They are both Greeks from Eastern Thrace (the former Greek territories constituting now the European part of Turkey) born and raised in the city of Saranta Ekklisies–Kırklareli. They left their homeland in 1890 seeking a better life in America. Apostolos learns the trade of goldsmith–watchmaker, but life in America is not what he expected. Overcoming a lot of difficulties he returns to his homeland and starts a new life with his wife in Thessaloniki. The city is still under Turkish occupation but trade flourishes. Being a visionary entrepreneur, Apostolos Vildiridis realizes that the art of jewelry and watch making is a novelty in a thriving city with a booming economy. In 1902, the first Vildiridis family shop is a fact in Thressaloniki. It is located in the area of Bezesteni, in the heart of the town’s bustling market – for now it sells only watches.
Apostolos and his wife Anna have three sons and two daughters. The family business flourishes and the sons – Thanassis, Nikitas and Alexandros decide to take the reigns and expand it. Alexandros, the youngest studies law and is mostly involved in wholesale trade and jewelry / watches imports. Thanassis and Nikitas are the jewellers of the family. In 1950, Nikitas marries Venetia Iatridou and have 5 children – Apostolos, Aggelos, George, Thanassis and Michalis. The five brothers set on a creative and productive course and manage to set up a business of 16 shops in the entire area of Northern Greece. In the beginning of ‘90es business activities turn south. Apostolos, the eldest always with the support of his brothers opens the first shop in Athens. Married to Aphrodite Sossidou they have two daughters, Venetia and Stella, who are now following in their father’s professional steps.